We are travelling together this Advent season on the Road to Bethlehem
We are endeavouring to be more accessible as a church

Welcome! Beacon Hill United Reformed Church is a small, friendly church based in Hindhead, surrounded by beautiful countryside, seeking to love God and serve our community. You can be assured of a warm welcome. Services are NORMALLY held at 10 a.m. each Sunday, but not at present due to the Coronavirus restrictions currently in place

Remembering our dear friend Peter

Today Ruth led a service of thanksgiving for the life of our dear friend and long term member of this church, Peter Bramley. Here are a selection of photos of Peter joining in church activities, with that wonderful smile!

Stepwise online: accessible discipleship development

Perhaps the impact of the coronavirus has made you think about your faith and wonder how you might develop or revitalise your discipleship. Have a look at the video on the Nurturing Faith page of this web site to learn more about the online programmes being run, with a combination of Zoom led meetings and self- learning tools.

Textile collection: find details on the Eco Church page

Collecting stamps this Christmas on behalf of the RNIB: find details on the Eco Church page

Advent 2020: only 1 day until Advent starts – details of all activities and events are being uploaded all the time on this new page on the website. Do check in regularly!

Service on Sunday 29th November

Advent 1

The waiting is over; or is it? This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent and we begin our journey ‘On the Road to Bethlehem‘ in a service led by Lay Preacher, Karen Smith. We will be lighting the first Advent candle in our own homes, so have a candle, wreath or any arrangement you like ready for this part of the service. Join us at 10.30 a.m. An invitation to join our digital service on Zoom will be sent out on Saturday to our members. All are welcome, so do contact our Church Secretary if you would like to join in. His details are: bhurcsecretary@gmail.com

Faith and life

podcasts: 25th


available NOW

A question

of sovereignty

Haslemere Food bank Christmas needs

The Food Bank is planning to do a major delivery of Christmas related items to families on 18th December, Government guidelines permitting!

Watch this space for information of how we might collect and donate as a church. If you want to start collecting, they need:

HASLEMERE food bank  

Once again this year, Covid-19 restrictions allowing, the Food Bank hopes to distribute special Christmas packs which will contain Christmas goodies.

We would really appreciate if you could help with this by donating something from the list below.         Thank you for your support.

Mince pies (pack of 6) (use-by date after 25.12)

Small Christmas cake

Christmas pudding (500g)

Tins/boxes of fancy biscuits

Tins/boxes of Chocolates / Sweets

Packets of nuts


Christmas crackers

It would help us in the organisation of the distribution if donations were to reach us by Wednesday 16 December.

Thank you.

If you know of anyone who does not access IT, we now offer our recorded weekly service in an audio-only format, which is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have a computer.  Please pass on the following information to anyone you feel might be helped by this. The audio service is accessed by dialling this number: 01252 978350.  You will hear a recorded voice say, ‘Welcome.  The Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed Church Service will play shortly’; and then there is quite a long pause before the service cuts in.  (Please be patient as this can take a while.)  The cost of the call is the rate for calls according to your telephone package rates.

Virtual Coffee Morning: Next date December 5th

Come and join the next Beacon Hill URC’s online coffee morning on Saturday December 5th. This is time to catch up, chat and enjoy a coffee/ tea together & even share garden tips! We will do this via Zoom but non internet users will be able to phone in. We may be at home but we can still come together for fellowship! Details are emailed each week on how to join the coffee morning (as the meeting room ID number does change!) or ask one of the Elders for the phone number.

Monthly Virtual Nurture Group NEXT SESSION: December 21st

Similar to Bible Study: we will be looking at a theme over the next few months. The theme for the meetings will be the women of the Christmas story, through Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Ruth leads these sessions with some provocative questions, the opportunity to think more widely of the context of the culture the women lived in and to explore new ideas scholars put forward. Quite a testing and stimulating time!

It will be an interactive group on Zoom, so if you would like to join in, details will be sent out in advance with an invitation link to join the Zoom meeting. Our next meeting is on December 21st at 2 p.m. We will be looking Elizabeth’s experience then.

Prayer Group Online

Our next Prayer Group meeting online will be led by our Minister, Ruth, on Monday December 14th at 2 p.m. An invitation will be sent out to join us on Zoom for this half an hour of quiet prayer.

In Touch magazine Autumn 2020

Each household should have received a copy of the magazine entitled In Touch, which is a joint publication this Autumn season with Fleet URC. Many thanks to Christine at Fleet for putting this together and sending it out to everyone. Karen has spare copies if you need one.

Harvest Collection October 2020

Items for the Harvest collection were collected from your homes by the Elders on Saturday September 26th & here they are! Our thanks to Michael for taking them to the Haslemere Food Bank.

Our harvest gifts collected for the Haslemere Food Bank & photos of those collected by Fleet URC for their local Food bank

NEW: Fishing Boat funded for a family in Sri Lanka through Ocean Stars

Exciting news: having raised the funds to buy a fishing boat, Ocean Stars has identified a family that will benefit from having a boat. See the photos here:

NEW: assessing your Personal Risk

Hugh has written to us all about assessing our personal risk of contracting Covid19 by meeting together. The video and form he refers to is available on our News page:

We offer a digital form of worship each Sunday morning: please join us as we come together for praise and prayer. There are also a number of other URC churches offering live or recorded morning worship each Sunday. Please go to the Virtual Worship page to see what is available.

CORONAVIRUS ADVICE : Beacon Hill URC is following URC and Government guidelines on public gatherings, and is CLOSED for worship & planned activities for the foreseeable future. Online worship opportunities are being planned for each Sunday & will be available on this web site. There is also a link to the URC Daily Devotions at the bottom of this web page, which provides a short form of worship each day & there will also be a service uploaded each Sunday. Information is available on the NEWS page from organisations offering support and assistance.

URC guidelines 17 March 2020 https://urc.org.uk/latest-news/3365-urc-issues-coronavirus-advice-to-its-churches
The URC provides a Daily Devotion with a short Bible reading, reflection and a prayer. These are available each day as a podcast. As places of worship are now closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there will also be a digital Sunday Worship service available, starting on Sunday March 22nd. http://devotions.urc.org.uk/urcddtoday.php
If you would prefer to receive these reflections and the services by daily email, you can sign up here.

Prayer for November

(Commitment for Life Prayer Partners 2020)

Prayer for COP26

God of life. Our planet is dying. We are responsible for the destruction of species and eco – systems.

Save us, for our death – dealing systems that rely on fossil fuels, that strip – mine the commons, that convert your natural world into cold, hard cash.

Give us wisdom and courage to find new ways in living. Empower our children who are striking for the climate. Shield all who world for a healthy environment, particularly indigenous earth – protectors. Gift COP26 with robust and workable solutions to mitigate the very worst effects of climate disruption. In Christ, we pray. Amen


Minister: Revd Ruth Dillon
Tel: 01252 625238
email: Ruth Dillon

Secretary: Hugh Le Fanu
Tel: 01428 607546
email: bhurcsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Christine Allen
Tel: 07713 153110 email: bhurctreasurer@yahoo.com

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Kathy Le Fanu

Tel:  01428 607546

Email: marialefanu@gmail.com

Deputy Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Jenny Radford

Tel: 01428 651111

Email: radfordej@globalnet.co.uk

Hiring our premises

We have The Hub and the Osborne Hall available for hire. There is also a rear garden available. Prices vary according to size of room/ location and time of day, so please contact Bridget Mitchell to discuss your needs.

The Osborne Hall – available to hire

Contact: Bridget Mitchell 01428 606236

More photos of our facilities are available in the About Us section

The Hub – available to hire

Contact: Bridget Mitchell 01428 6060236

United Reformed Church Daily Devotions

The URC provides a daily devotion with a short Bible reading, reflection and a prayer. These are now available each day as a podcast.
If you would prefer to receive these reflections by daily email, you can sign up here.

Our Minister Ruth is also minister at Fleet United Reformed Church Fleet United Reformed Church.

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Faith and Life Podcasts

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post Ruth. I browsed through it and enjoyed the read. Maybe someday we may worship together at the hall? I shall look forward to offer any help that I can from a distance. Keep doing the wonderful work you are doing. I am inspired just watching you smile.


    • Hello Sophia, many thanks for your kind words. We are worshipping God digitally, and supporting each other but the church building will not be open for a while. We are meeting on line though for prayer, Bible study and having virtual coffee together plus recorded worship and a weekly podcast!! So God has not finished with us yet ! If we can help you please let me know. Blessings Ruth

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