Welcome! Beacon Hill United Reformed Church is a small, friendly church based in Hindhead, surrounded by beautiful countryside, seeking to love God and serve our community. You can be assured of a warm welcome. Services are held at 10 a.m. each Sunday.

The service on Sunday, 14th August will be led by Lay Preacher Anna Crawford. It will be a Communion service and will take place in Beacon Hill church at 10 a.m. All are welcome.

Our Toddler group, URChins, is on summer break now until September. We look forward to seeing the Mums, Dads & Carers back again with your little ones & hope to see some new faces then too. Have a great summer!

Introducing the Minister at Beacon Hill URC – Reverend Alison Toplas -joining us in September

Have a look at this video, telling us about an event in Bordon ‘O for a Thousand Tongues to sing’ on September 10th

We extend a warm welcome to Reverend Alison Toplas, who is joining us in September. The Induction Service takes place on September 11th 2022. More details to follow…….

Our next online meeting is on Monday September 12th at 11 a.m. A Zoom invitation will be sent out to church members. All are welcome, so please contact Karen, one of the Elders, for further information.

A prayer of compassion for the situation in Ukraine

Compassionate God, we are all very distressed at the news reports of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The constant bombing of peaceful, historical cities and towns results in destruction and many innocent lives lost, fills us with sadness. It is difficult for us to relate to such mass, unprovoked, devastation.

We ask that you comfort and guide the many thousands who find themselves homeless as a result of this war.

Many traumatised refugees are fleeing to safety on long dangerous journeys in very cold weather with what few essential possessions they could hastily gather and carry. Welcoming neighbouring countries are giving them food, shelter, basic comforts and reassuring love.

We ask that you support and comfort families as they endeavour to rebuild their shattered lives in a strange and completely new environment. Give them the strength and will to adjust to their unplanned surroundings. We also ask that hostilities may end and that lasting peace prevails enabling people of all nationalities to live in harmony. We ask these things in your name. Amen

Michael Orchard, Beacon Hill URC

Here is a link to the materials produced by the URC to help us pray for the situation in Ukraine


Information on activities and events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary will be on the News page

Our Community Book Corner

Come along to browse the books, borrow some for free, sit and have a coffee and swap books you have read. Open on Monday & Wednesday from 9 – 12 midday.

In Touch Magazine: a copy of the Summer edition of the joint magazine has been given to all members. This is produced with our friends at Fleet URC and an e- copy can be found here:

Involvement in our Eco Church development

Printer cartridge recycling now available! Pop into The Hub on a Monday or Wednesday morning to drop them off.


Our current initiative is to be a community collection point for new and used bras for ‘Against Breast Cancer’. We’ve ordered a collection box and will be putting posters up throughout the village to encourage people to donate unwanted bras. They are collected and sold on to raise funds for the research in to a vaccine for breast cancer, as well as being sent out to communities in Africa to small businesses to sell at affordable prices to local people.

UPDATE: 25th APRIL – we have collected 200 bras and they have been collected for recycling. Thank you to everyone who has donated. We now start again so turn out those cupboards and drop off the bras in the box in the foyer on a Monday or Wednesday morning.

Tools with a Mission: there is a new tab on the Eco church page with details of the items they will take. If you didn’t have a chance to donate on Saturday, let Hugh know so we can arrange collection

Textile collection: find details on the Eco Church page

Collecting stamps on behalf of the RNIB: find details on the Eco Church page

Stepwise online: accessible discipleship development

Perhaps the impact of the coronavirus has made you think about your faith and wonder how you might develop or revitalise your discipleship. Have a look at the video on the Nurturing Faith page of this web site to learn more about the online programmes being run, with a combination of Zoom led meetings and self- learning tools.

The URC provides a Daily Devotion with a short Bible reading, reflection and a prayer. These are available each day as a podcast. There is also a digital Sunday Worship service available each week. http://devotions.urc.org.uk/urcddtoday.php
If you would prefer to receive these reflections and the services by daily email, you can sign up here.


Everyday responsibilities are currently shared between the Eldership team. Contact details for the Eldership are on the About Us tab.

Secretary: Hugh Le Fanu
Tel: 01428 607546
email: bhurcsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Christine Allen
Tel: 07713 153110 email: bhurctreasurer@yahoo.com

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Kathy Le Fanu

Tel:  01428 607546

Email: marialefanu@gmail.com

United Reformed Church Daily Devotions

The URC provides a daily devotion with a short Bible reading, reflection and a prayer. These are now available each day as a podcast.
If you would prefer to receive these reflections by daily email, you can sign up here.

Dear Friends,
For some time we have been recording the Daily Devotions and, each morning, a link is sent out, marked Podcast in the section above, which people can click and then hear the recording of the reading, reflection and prayer.  Now it is possible to listen to the Podcasts directly through your normal Podcast provider or via your Smart Speaker.  

I should say that I am not an expert on Smart Speakers and can only go on what has worked.  If this doesn’t work for you I’m not able to help so please ask someone younger and more technically proficient!  But if you say:

“Alexa play the podcast of the URC Daily Devotion”  or

“Hey Siri, play the podcast of the URC Daily Devotion” or 

“Hey Google, play the podcast of the URC Daily Devotion”

(choose whichever greeting makes your Smart Speaker work!) you should get today’s Devotion. 

You can also get it to play the previous devotion by using the word “previous.”

On Sundays it will play the Service, if you want the Devotion you will have to tell it to play the “previous Daily Devotion”.  It seems using the word “Podcast” is key but I suspect Smart Speakers will adapt after a few uses and learn what it is you are asking for.  

The Podcasts are also available on Spotify (just manually find the Podcast section) and various other Podcast providers as well as by clicking the link on the top of each email.

We hope that these new ways of listening will make the Devotions more accessible.

With every good wish

Andy Braunston

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post Ruth. I browsed through it and enjoyed the read. Maybe someday we may worship together at the hall? I shall look forward to offer any help that I can from a distance. Keep doing the wonderful work you are doing. I am inspired just watching you smile.


    • Hello Sophia, many thanks for your kind words. We are worshipping God digitally, and supporting each other but the church building will not be open for a while. We are meeting on line though for prayer, Bible study and having virtual coffee together plus recorded worship and a weekly podcast!! So God has not finished with us yet ! If we can help you please let me know. Blessings Ruth

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