Beacon Hill United Reformed Church is a small, friendly church based in Hindhead, surrounded by beautiful countryside. You can be assured of a warm welcome. Services are held at 10 a.m. each Sunday.

Beacon Hill United Reformed Church

Invite you to our Christmas services

Sunday December 15th 10 a.m

Carol Service

followed by mince pies & coffee

Wednesday December 25th 10 a.m.

Christmas Day Service

Sunday December 29th 10 a.m.

Christmas Songs of Praise


Minister: Revd Ruth Dillon
Tel: 01252 625238
email: Ruth Dillon

Secretary: Hugh Le Fanu
Tel: 01428 607546
email: bhurcsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Christine Dean
Tel: 07799 442072
email: bhurctreasurer@yahoo.com

Hiring our premises

Contact: Bridget Mitchell 01428 606236

United Reformed Church Daily Devotions

The URC provides a daily devotion with a short Bible reading, reflection and a prayer. These are now available each day as a podcast.
If you would prefer to receive these reflections by daily email, you can sign up here.


1 Response to Home

  1. Marianne O'Brien says:

    Waiting on the other side of the road for a bus, I saw three cars leave your car park reverse into the main road across the pavement.
    I have only just been able to stop using my wheelchair, after having been injured last June by a car reversing out of your car park.
    Please note that a driver reversing will be looking in their mirror for traffic on the main road, and will not be able to see pedestrians on their way to the bus stop!

    I would be much obliged if you would put up a warning notice on your wall to prevent this happening to anyone else.
    Now I am walking again, I feel very nervous when passing the church – not a sentiment you might wish for us to feel?
    Thankyou, Marianne O’Brien


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