Virtual Worship

Our service recorded from our homes – thank you to all who contribute to the preparation, content and recording of the service.

The transcripts to accompany previous recordings are on the tab ‘Previous Service Transcripts’

Forthcoming service on Sunday 20th June

Lay Preacher, Anna Crawford, joins us to lead worship this week, reflecting on Luke, the writer of Acts, and his relationship with another key figure in this book of the Bible, Paul. Join us at 10.30 a.m. for a time of fellowship and praise online via the Zoom platform. An invitation is available from Hugh, our church secretary, who you can contact on

Our service on Sunday June 13th

We continue exploring the Book of Acts this Sunday and learn more about the emergence of Peter, through the Holy Spirit at work, as a speaker and leader for the early church. How is it that Simon Peter, the fisherman of the Gospels, steps up as Apostle, advocate for the expansion of the early church’s teaching to Jew and Gentile alike in Acts? Lay Preacher Karen Smith asks us to think about Peter – Spirit enabled.

The transcript, in A4 document format, which has all the words for the hymns, readings, prayers and reflection, can be downloaded here:

Our weekly service can be accessed in an audio-only format, which is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have a computer.  Please pass on the following information to anyone you feel might be helped by this.

The audio service is accessed by dialling this number: 01252 978350.  You will hear a recorded voice say, ‘Welcome.  The Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed Church Service will play shortly’; and then there is quite a long pause before the service cuts in.  (Please be patient as this can take a while.)  The cost of the call is the rate for calls according to your telephone package rates.

Services for June 2021

6th June Karen Smith Acts 2: 42 – 47 Acts 4: 1 – 12
13th June Karen Smith Acts 11: 1 – 18
20th June Anna Crawford Luke 1 : 1 – 4 Acts 1: 1 – 11
27th June Karen Smith Acts 16: 25 – 34 Jeremiah 29: 11-14a
Worship leaders & readings for June 2021

The following Services will be broadcast on BBC TV and Radio on Sunday June 20th 2021:

Radio 4 Sunday service 8.10 a.m.

It is 1,500 years since the birth of Columba, the major missionary monk in the Celtic church who evangelised Scotland and brought, among many other things, the Book of Psalms to its shores. John Bell and Christine Reid of the Iona Community reflect on Psalm 23, probably the best-loved psalm, with which Scotland has a special connection.

Songs of Praise 1.15 p.m. BBC2

To celebrate Father’s Day, Aled Jones meets inspirational fathers who are trying to show their paternal love to their children, whatever it takes.

He visits Liberty Fam in Staffordshire to find out about its work with men who have left prison or who are at risk of going there. MOBO award winning Christian rapper Guvna B tells Radzi Chinyanganya how the death of his father affected him emotionally, spiritually and musically, as well as talking about how he tackles being a dad.

We meet the pastor from Peckham who is going the extra mile to help his teenage daughter achieve her cycling dreams. There is congregational music old and new from across the country, plus a special performance by singer songwriter Steph Macleod of his composition “O Perfect Father”.

Our previous services can be viewed on the YouTube channel, set up with Fleet URC: