Children & Youth Friendly Church Initiative

What is this?

It was agreed at last year’s AGM that we would explore ways to connect more with children, young people and families in the area as church. In October 2021, we started on this path when Phil Ray from Synod agreed to guide us through assessing what we currently do, where we want to be and how are we going to do that!


Summer 2022 update: we have sent off our application which is complete except for the final page ‘Next Steps’. We want to discuss these at the next Church Meeting, so Alison will be part of the discussion.

We met once again on January 16th to talk more about ‘where we are now’. Phil helped us to appreciate what it is that we believe to be our visions and values. The summary is below.

Our discussion at the first meeting in October was all around some initial thoughts on where we are at the moment, how do those we interact with feel about how welcome they are and what difference we think considering our work with children, with young adults and with families will make. A summary of our discussion is uploaded here:

Our next meeting was on March 13th 2022 when we discussed where we are in our thinking on Spirituality. Phil gave us some homework to do after we had explored what the questions meant. A summary of our discussion is written up below:

We are now discussing the final sections of the application, ready to invite Phil to a final meeting in September when we will be thinking about our Next Steps.