Partnership with Ocean Stars

Summer Tea in the Garden

We had a wonderful afternoon in Karen’s garden on June 28th – enjoying a cream tea, cakes and tombola prizes. We raised £251 towards the projects undertaken by Ocean Stars. Church Meeting recently agreed to use some of this money to buy a bicycle for a primary school teacher to get to work.

Guests and members of the church enjoying their tea
A sunny afternoon in the garden with Dilanee from the Ocean Stars Trust joining us

We are launching a fundraising collection for a fishing boat during the remainder of the year. The balance from the tea fundraiser starts this collection off. Watch out for collection boxes and fundraising events in the coming months!

Bicycle given to Teacher

On a recent visit to Thirukovil , Dilanee took the bicycle we bought with proceeds from the Summer Tea in the Garden. The teacher’s current bicycle is old and broken and she walks 5k to work every morning. She was delighted to receive the bike.

The bicycle being presented

Sri Lanka October 2018

The Le Fanu Family and our minister Ruth, visited Sri Lanka, in October 2018. Whilst there, they worked in the 40 pre-schools attached to Ocean Stars, and visited the Church in Thurrokovil and its community of Palakudda.

On Sunday November 25th, they enjoyed an informative morning service about the partnership with Thurikkovil Methodist Church and Ocean Stars, the charity founded by Mrs Dilanee Bunter after the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Many helpers were Hindu(Tamil), and Buddhist(Sinhalese), with some Muslim and Christian, but our religious practices did not matter when we were all together.

Palakudda was devastated after the Tsunami and the soil still bears the remains of the salty sea water. It has only been in the last couple of years that the government has given permission for the area to be farmed and fished again.

The Peanut Project

Just behind the preschool in Palakudda is an area about the size of a football pitch. The minister would like to develop it for the community, and after discussion it was felt as though Beacon Hill URC could assist them in some way. The only crop that can grow there now are peanuts!

So, we have asked Ocean Stars to oversee the project and to assist them in undertaking this venture. Needless to say the community, especially the children and women, are very excited!

The Peanut Project costs approx. £150 which will include, fencing to keep the animals away, preparation of soil, peanuts and fertilizer. The community will care for this project under the guidance of Ocean Stars

The Fishing Project

In the 2004 Tsunmai, the lagoon was also polluted with sea water, and all the fishing boats were smashed , but now the government have given permission for fishing to recommence as the fish stocks have been replenished, and the water is back to fresh water.

One fishing boat cost £500, however one boat can help up to eight families. Below isa example of such a fishing boat with a fisherman and his family. Hugh and Ruth went to visit them.

There was so much to see, and during the service we had a flavour of different experiences and thoughts. It was such a privilege and honour, to meet the people of Sri Lanka , they were so kind, generous, helpful, cheerful, determined, and caring.