Sight Loss Friendly Church

We are now a ‘Sight Loss Friendly Church’ and part of a network of churches across the UK committed to ensuring people with deteriorating sight or sight loss are fully included in church. This initiative is in partnership with the Torch Trust, who support us to work towards our church community and activities be more sight loss friendly.

Our church can be identified as part of this initiative by anyone who knows of the Torch network on their web site map, which can be found at .

How are we planning to improve to be more sight loss friendly

Our starting point: Supporting our church community

We want to make sure that when we are planning church events, services and our communications we have, front of mind, “What can we do to include blind or partially sighted people?” We would like to know how any change in your sight has an impact on your involvement with church events, services and our communications through this web site, email, phone or literature. We welcome suggestions on how to improve these resources for you personally because of sight conditions, as you may well have received guidance and advice from medical professionals. One service the Torch Trust offers is advice and guidance as well as Christian resources we may be able to access.

Please do not assume the Elders are fully conversant with any sight deterioration or loss you are experiencing. In the first instance, please speak to an Elder; any information will be confidential to the Elders’ meeting and help us to plan resources to benefit you and the church congregation as part of our ministry.

Resources for you to view