About Us

Beacon Hill United Reformed Church

Baptism…...We would be happy to discuss Baptism with you. You need not attend our church regularly, however, the Baptism will usually take place during a Sunday service, and for you and your family, it will be a very special occasion. Please contact one of the Elders.   

Weddings … We would be pleased to discuss your forthcoming wedding. Please contact an Elder to discuss opportunities. If you are to be married at the church you will be expected to attend marriage preparation sessions

Funerals … If you would like to discuss a funeral, then please contact one of the Elders

Contact an Elder:

Karen Smith (Lay Preacher & Pastoral Care Co-ordinator) on 07742 669341 or

Hugh Le Fanu (Church Secretary) at bhurcsecretary@gmail.com or

Christine Allen (Church Treasurer) at bhurctreasurer@yahoo.com or

Michael Orchard (Elder) at 01428 642076

Premises and Facilities Hire: see the separate tab for contact details