Nurturing our Faith together

Our next meeting is on January 17th on Zoom

Our Monthly Virtual Nurture Group meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 11 a.m. on Zoom

Similar to Bible Study: Consequences: we all love the Christmas narratives, but what would have been the impact of what happened to those we read about? Do we ever think about what might have happened to the people of Bethlehem living under Herod’s government? What was it like to go on the run and head into Egypt? We’ll be thinking about this in our discussion in January………..

In December, at a meeting brought forward to 6th December the discussion turned to ‘Singing the Songs of Christmas’ found in Luke’s Gospel.

In October, we discussed the ‘Message of Immanuel’ to be found in some of the early chapters of Isaiah. You will find the notes with the questions to prompt discussion in the file below, as well as the slides with additional information to try and make sense of the politics and warring nations of the time.

In November, we explored about ‘The Prince of Peace’ by delving into later chapters.

Invitations and notes will be sent out before each meeting. Hope to ‘see’ you then.

Each session lasts about an hour and you are welcome to listen, discuss and think about the topic under discussion before and during our time together. An invitation to this Zoom based session will be sent out the week before it takes place.

Previous sessions’ notes

Stepwise: developing your discipleship

Thinking about how you might nurture your faith? The Stepwise programme is now available online with group membership across the Synod.

Being a Christian means that you are on a journey of faith, with many ups and downs. Be reassured that God is with you as you progress on the path of discipleship. Reading  the scriptures, and being with a community of fellow disciples can be very encouraging   but sometimes we need a little more. Attending Sunday worship, Bible study groups, and conversations can help, however  below are some links to websites that are useful and I recommend them to you for further reflection.  I have also identified some books, and films for consideration.

TIP. When considering a situation,  issue  or relationship, whether it is yours or someone else’s, always ask the question ‘ Where is God ? Can I see God working? Can I see justice and love ? 

Websites for Nurturing Faith 

  • re jesus is an extensive website , which includes discussion topics , prayers, quizzes and lots more.
  • Sacred Space is an on line prayer community, with many helpful suggestions
  • Living spaces is from the Sacred Space Sacred Space website and has daily readings

The United reformed Church has a monthly magazine, REFORM; you can access REFORM from the above link.

Suggested Theological Reading

  • Marcus Borg: The God I never knew
  • Marcos Borg : Meeting Jesus for the first time
  • Brian MacClaren :A new Kind of Christianity
  • Bonhoeffer:
  • Ann Morrisey: Beyond the Good Samaritan
  • Graham Adams: Christ and the other
  • Brian Wren: Which language should I borrow
  • Geza Vermes: Jesus the Jew

Suggested Spiritual Reading 

  • Richard Rohr Falling upwards
  • Henri Nouwen

Films for Theological Reflection 

  • The Kings Speech
  • Paddington
  • Pleasantville
  • Man Dancin’
  • Lars and the real Girl
  • Harry Potter films
  • Chocolat
  • War Horse
  • The Deer Hunter