Partnership with Ocean Stars

Sri Lanka Church visit October 2018

The Le Fanu Family and our minister Ruth, visited Sri Lanka, in October 2018. Whilst there, they worked in the 40 pre-schools attached to Ocean Stars, and visited the Church in Thurrokovil and its community of Palakudda.

On Sunday November 25th, they enjoyed an informative morning service about the partnership with Thurikkovil Methodist Church and Ocean Stars, the charity founded by Mrs Dilanee Bunter after the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Many helpers were Hindu(Tamil), and Buddhist(Sinhalese), with some Muslim and Christian, but our religious practices did not matter when we were all together.

Palakudda was devastated after the Tsunami and the soil still bears the remains of the salty sea water. It has only been in the last couple of years that the government has given permission for the area to be farmed and fished again.

There was so much to see, and during the service we had a flavour of different experiences and thoughts. It was such a privilege and honour, to meet the people of Sri Lanka , they were so kind, generous, helpful, cheerful, determined, and caring.